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RFID Reader Solutions

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems collect data using low power radio waves at different frequencies. It consists of RFID readers and tags, the readers emit radio waves and receive signals from the tags. Unlike the bar code that requires a line of sight, RFID readers can simultaneously read and write to hundreds of tags within range contact free. The RFID technology allows for the storage of an increased amount of data
Finetech Software is your trusted partner in integrating RFID technology into your business. If you want to get automatic visibility of your business operations and cut costs, you need the right RFID solution.
The following are some of the applications of RFID technology in business:

How does your business benefit from RFID solution from Finetech?

Increased Efficiency

It takes less time to identify items using RFID compared to Barcode scanning. This frees up more time for other important tasks increasing productivity. It is much more efficient to handle goods and information moving through a supply chain using RFID.

Prevent Errors

RFID is automated technology that reduces the risk of human risk since it automatically collects data with little or no human intervention. Elimination of manual processes prevents human errors.

Better Asset Control & Reduced Risk

The RFID tagging allows you to track and trace items providing better asset control and audit. Improve store inventory accuracy and asset maintenance through enhanced data collection.

Enhanced Service and Security

The ability to automatically validate individual item related data enhances security, preventing counterfeiting and fraud. It also leads to effective access control, out of stock reduction and loss prevention.

Better Resource Utilization

RFID Technology provides businesses with real-time data and analytics enhances planning and informed decision making. As a result, processes are enhanced, time is saved and resources are better utilized.
Increased Revenues

With greater visibility of inventory, there will less out of stock scenarios preventing lost sales increasing revenue.

Better Management

With an enhanced data collection it is possible to measure the effectiveness of processes and procedures. You can only improve your processes if you can measure them accurately. Lack of accurate, up-to-date data leads to poor decision making. Managers can rely on the information collected using RFID Technology to make informed business decisions
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