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Library Management System

The Finetech Software Library Management Software is all about automating all library operations using a precise control system. A librarian should have all the necessary information such as book availability, books on loan, borrower's information, categories of interest etc., at the click of a button.

The benefits of the Finetech Software Library Management System are immense. It allows library personnel to check the information regarding books on loan, borrowing history, details of books available on the shelf etc., at the click of a button. The librarian is able to utilize a variety of possibilities such as loan period extension, flexible book circulation for each category etc.

The library Management System is able to store full details of borrowers in its database including their photos. These details can be searched and retrieved automatically. The software also allows for book reservation for a specific amount of time. Librarians are also able to impose fines on books lost or other dues automatically through the Library Management System.

The Finetech Software Library Management System features include the following:

Through Finetech Software Library Management System Library staff can manage details such as date of purchase, date of issue, Member ID, fines and fees, book searching, book issuing, customer complaints etc., and all other library administration and management tasks. The library Management System also automatically manages the library book inventory.

Library management used to be a tedious task before the introduction of computers. Today. Library Management Software has integrated all library operations making library management simple, fast and error free. Now the technological advancements of the Internet have completely transformed Library management taking library operations online. This has streamlined Library operations.

The Library Management system has a powerful search engine that can find the details of any media within the library. Type details or keywords such as the Subject, Author, Publisher in the search field and choose the field you want from the result. Contact us today at Finetech Software and get a free demo!

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