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Build a highly reputable and esteemed institution by choosing the examination and result management system from Finetech Software. Through our examination and result management system schools can be guaranteed the fairest and most accurate system of appraisal and evaluation for their students. It makes the examination process much simpler and faster. Our system offers schools an automated exam creation and result evaluation method for students.

Develop a custom exam schedule for a variety of simply defined test types. Eliminate all the challenges that are normally experienced during examination periods by allowing our system to handle the work on your behalf. By choosing the examination and result management system from Finetech Software, you will worry less about exam planning or scheduling. We simplify the whole exam process for you by allowing you to configure a grading system for specific subjects and automatic marks calculation.

Automatically Generate Result Cards

Save time and labor associated with manually writing result sheets by taking advantage of our system’s automatic result generation functionality.

Introduce Progress Cards

Rather than give students a plain mark sheet, introduce students and subject assessment.

Student Class Position

If you prefer to display the student's position in class our system will automatically determine and display it as desired.

Performance Reports

Produce performance reports based for individual students based on examination results records.

These are some of the features of the Examination and Result Management system from Finetech Software:

Automatic Reports Generation

The Examination and Result Management System from Finetech Software will help your school not only save time, but also cut costs associated with examinations. Contact us today for a free demonstration.

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