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Barcode Reader Embedded solution

The shelf stocking and check out area has to be highly effective for a successful retail business. To attract more repeat customers, you need to have a fast and streamlined checkout line. The Barcode Reader and embedded solution from Finetech Software will make your business more efficient at a cost effective rate. One of the most important tools in your inventory is the barcode reader. A barcode reader embedded solution will boost the efficiency of inventory tracking in all areas of your business.

For enhanced retail management the Finetech Barcode Readers embedded solution will make the buying process smooth. We provide the best solution for optimizing inventory. Product or item numbers can be extremely long sometimes and this can lead to costly purchasing orders mistakes if entered manually. However, with our barcode reader embedded solution, you won’t experience any errors. The scanner will automatically capture the barcode on the products, produce a beep sound and onto the next one with data correctly entered

Receiving Inventory

Receiving a shipment and ensuring that everything is organized can be stressful and tedious. It is much worse when the item numbers have to be manually entered into the inventory tracking system. However, with our barcode reader system, the process is simple and streamlined. The inventory you receive will be accurate with little or no discrepancies.

Searching for Items

Your inventory or point of sale system has a search function for finding items quickly based on any keyword. Nonetheless, the barcode reader offers the quickest way to access an item by scanning the barcode. This allows you to modify the information on the item such as pricing and provides information about the sales history.

Point of Sale

Our Barcode reader embedded solution simply shines at the point of sale. It accelerates the entire transaction process, making it swift and enhancing customer experience. Customers hate long queues and they will get frustrated when you manually type the item number for the fourth time! They simply want to pay for their items and leave. Our barcode system is the best retail management solution.

Why choose the Barcode reader and embedded solution from Finetech Software Technologies? :

  • It allows businesses to take charge of inventory
  • Improved visibility of merchandise
  • It provides accurate and well-timed information about items
  • Minimizes loss of inventory and increase profitability
  • Easy is reconciling of receiving inventory
  • Enhances level of service & customer experience

The standard identification labeling in manufacturing, distribution, and retail today is the barcode. It offers a quick, accurate and reliable data processing for you and your clients. We offer the best-automated data capture method in the industry.


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