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Attendance Management System

The Attendance Management System from Finetech Software Technologies is a feature rich solution that allows organizations to plan, control and review time management. It enables the configuration of time tracking of employees, scheduling of shifts along with generation of reports.

Time and attendance have always been of vital interest to HR departments from the industrial age to the current digital age. Finetech Software Technologies offers an Attendance Management System that maintains employee time and attendance records, giving employers a peace of mind.

Our system can be seamlessly integrated with the current attendance recording tools like Access cards and Biometric devices. There are options for either manual upload or automatic generation of attendance data according to the company policy and leave system data.

Automatic Marking

Our system allows you to integrate your automatic marking devices such as biometric machines and Access Cards. The attendance data can be automatically imported and processed in the most preferred formats.

Manual Upload

Our system also allows one-time uploading of employee attendance data.

The Finetech Software Attendance System features:

  • Easy Configuration and customization of attendance rules based on company HR policies.
  • Highly flexible Attendance module Options
  • Easy Management of Holidays (Multi-location)
  • Flexible workforce and shift scheduling
  • Set working rules, lateness and early go policy, minimum hours of work, overtime policy etc.

As shift planning becomes more sophisticated flexibility is the key in designing manpower friendly HR policy. The Finetech Attendance Management System provides the shift planner with enhanced flexibility. From manufacturing, retail to service industry, our systems allow the creation of various manpower plans, periodic rotations, and multiple shifts.

Employers using the Finetech Attendance Management System can manage employee attendance with ease. It provides data regarding the employee in time and out time, as well as the total number of hours worked. The reports allow the manager to review the shift deviation and working hours against the workforce schedule.

Why do managers choose the Attendance Management System from Finetech Software?

  • It allows managers to track employee attendance and view the reports from any remote location.
  • Real-time attendance reports through visual dashboards providing critical labor information.
  • Helps to minimize employee downtime
  • It will assist in getting rid unapproved overtime
  • Automates the request and approval of time-offs
  • Eliminates data redundancy
  • Easily identify attendance related issues such as lateness or absenteeism
  • Automate complicated payroll policies to reduce costs
  • Provide proper documentation for unanswered absences
  • Enhances communication between management and staff

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